Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Mohila Dal

Bangladesh Jatiotabadi Mohila Dal was founded on 9th September 1978 by former Bangladesh Martyr President Ziaur Rahman after the Presidential election of 1978, with a view to women’s empowerment.

Martyr president Ziaur Rahman gave his views about the impact of the importance of women in society. Even he mentioned in 19 points party agenda about the importance of women and clearly mentioned in 11 points about the proper respect and responsibilities towards women in our society. Our beloved founder chairman told the principle medium of profound politics is a workable organization. On 16th May 1978 in an inauguration he told that half of the population in this country is women; they will get all kind of facilities to participate in the development of society. A nation cannot be developed with the backward of women’s development. If you really want prosperity then we need to utilize every working hand.