Bangladesh Nationalist Party - BNP has announced 10 - points demand, including the release of the BNP chairperson, the resignation of the ruling government and the dissolution of the current National Parliament.


Resignation of the ruling government by dissolving the current national parliament.


Formation of a neutral caretaker government/interim caretaker government in line with Sections Kha, Ga and Gha of article 58 of the constitution that was in place in 1996.


The caretaker government must form a neutral Election Commission, that will ensure a level-playing field for all parties; the use of EVMs and party symbols in local government elections will be annulled.


Convictions of all the opposition leaders and activists, including Khaleda Zia, journalists and religious scholars will have to be scrapped; and all "false cases" filed against them should be withdrawn, freedom of speech should be ensured, autocratically arresting opposition party leader and activists should be abolished according to the 10-point demand.


All the black laws, including the Digital Security Act, 2018, Anti-Terrorism Act, 2009 and the Special Powers Act, 1974 must be revoked.


The anti-people decision to increase the price of public service including electricity, energy, gas and water needs to be cancelled.


Bringing the price of essential commodities within the affordability of general people and de-syndicate the market of essential commodities.


All the victims of enforced disappearances in last 15 years should be rescued and those responsible for extrajudicial killings must be identified and punished.


A commission must be formed to identify the corruption in banking and energy sectors and share market in last 15 years.


Law enforcement, administration and judiciary's function independently without government interference should be ensured.