Objectives and Goals

The aim and objectives of the Bangladesh Jatiyotabadi Dal- BNP are stated in it's proclamation elaborately. In a brief, the aim and objectives of this party are stated below:

(a) To fortify and strengthen independence, sovereignty, security, state integration and democracy of Bangladesh through strong mass unity based on Bangladeshi nationalism.

(b) To protect Bangladesh from colonialism, expansionism, new-colonialism, authoritarianism and attack of external forces through economic solvency of the united and revived nation.

(c) To acquire pro-people economic development and national progress based on social justice through politics of production, free market economy and people’s democracy.

(d) To make the people conscious and organized in village and city based on nationalist unity and take complete development projects and reach the ability and authority of implementation of the projects to the people.

(e) To create such a healthy environment where democracy will reach the mind of the common people.

(f) To ensure such a clear and stable social and political system through which the people themselves can bring their humanitarian, social and economic development.

(g) To establish stable democracy through parliamentary democratic government elected by direct vote of the people based on multi-party politics and bring equitable national progress and development.

(h) To set up Jatiya Sangsad as the epitome of democratic life and democratic values and preserve the fundamental rights of the people.

(i) To create public opinion against activities of under ground political organizations and formation of any armed cadres, parties or agencies.

(j) To revive the pro-people social values in the national life and bring productive and creative spirit of life back.

(k) To establish equitable economy based on justice in national life through realistic, effective development process so that all the Bangladeshi citizens get the chance of fulfilling their minimum demands of food, cloth, habitation and education.

(l) To give priority on the programmers of complete village development and ensure happiness-peace and progress of rural areas of the country through active mass efforts.

(m) To make proper and realistic utilization of all manpower including women and youth.

(n) To take realistic economic plan and set up well balanced labour management and ensure maximum production in industrial sector through well labour policy.

(o) To preserve, develop and improve Bangla language and literature and culture and sports of Bangladesh.

(p) To preserve the age old human values of the Bangladeshi people through the teaching of Islam-religion of the majority of Bangladeshi people and other religions, expansion of education for the backward people and giving them more facilities and chance to take part in greater national life.

(q) To protect and establish international friendship, amity and equality in foreign policy based non-alignment. To fortify and strengthen relationship and friendship with neighboring counties, friendly countries of the third world and friendly Muslim countries based on sovereignty and equality.