27 September 2023

On the occasion of the holy Edi-e-Milladunnabi (PBUH), Acting Chairman of BNP Mr. Tarique Rahman gave the following message

"On the day of Eid E Miladunnabi, we do it with extraordinary fervour and profound respect for the life, works and teachings of the Holy Prophet (pbuh). Allah sent him as a mercy to the world. Belief in Allah and the guide of humanity is the day of appearance of the Prophet. On this day, people find salvation in the world and the hereafter. With the advent of the Prophet, people got assurance of their welfare and peace and all the filth, superstition, injustice, anarchy, degradation of the world started to disappear gradually.

The Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a shining role model for mankind. With his ability, honesty, magnanimity, tolerance, hard work, self-confidence, infinite courage, patience, immense faith in the Creator, devotion and immense suffering, he fulfilled the great responsibility of establishing the words of the Al-Quran.

He removed the dark age of `Jahiliyyah’ and established truth and justice. He ensured unity in society. The ideals of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in serving the neglected, oppressed, deprived and distressed people in the society, showing respect for each other, utmost tolerance, kindness and forgiveness, responsibility towards children and establishing the dignity of the women race are incomparable and therefore he is anointed as the greatest human being of all time.

I pray to Allah that all of us can reflect the glory of the teachings, ideals and sacrifices of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) in our lives. If we can move forward by following the words and ideals of the Prophet (PBUH), then we will be able to get back the lost rights by eliminating the thick chaos of the present time.

On the occasion of the holy Eid E Miladunnabi, I extend my sincere greetings and congratulations to the Muslim brothers and sisters of the world including Bangladesh.

Allah Hafez, long live Bangladesh.”

(Advocate Ruhul Kabir Rizvi)

Senior Joint Secretary General

Bangladesh Nationalist Party – BNP.