20 August 2023

Condemnation and protest of BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir strongly condemned and protested the arrest of Acting Member Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP, Tanveer Ahmed Robin, by the white-clothed detective police who had just left the BNP central office in Nayapaltan late last night.

In a statement today, BNP Secretary General said, "Apart from demonic attacks, government agencies have continued the illegal disappearance and arrest of BNP and opposition party leaders. For the past decade and a half, leaders and activists of opposition parties including BNP and those who disagreed with the government have been arbitrarily disappeared and arrested. On the eve of the upcoming National Assembly elections, attacks on activists, filing of false cases, disappearances and arrests have started again. Bullying is being taught through brutal physical abuse. And in this case, the brutal government is targeting and arresting the leaders and activists of BNP and its affiliates. In continuation of this, Acting Member Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP Tanveer Ahmed Robin was picked up by law enforcement officers wearing white clothes as soon as he came out of the BNP central office late last night. Basically: Robin is a victim of political vendetta by the current ruling class. The government has again started the inhumane game with a special purpose. The government is obsessed with holding on to power. Awami illegal government has become reckless in arresting leaders and workers of like-minded parties including BNP with the aim of holding another fancy mid-night election with Awami cadres and law enforcement forces in a quiet atmosphere without opposition parties. However, the authoritarian Awami government will not be able to consolidate its illegal power by persecuting opposition parties and people of opinion, including BNP. Because people are now awake. The people will not leave the streets until the demands of a non-partisan neutral government during the elections are implemented, including the resignation of the Awami ruling group.

I immediately call for the withdrawal of the false case filed against the Acting Member Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan South BNP, Tanveer Ahmed Robin, and his unconditional release."


(Muhammad Munir Hossain)

Assistant Office Secretary

Bangladesh Nationalist Party – BNP.