19 July 2023

Press release

Condemnation and protest of BNP Secretary General Mirza Alamgir

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has expressed deep concern and protested the incident of Bogra District BNP General Secretary Ali Azgar Talukdar Hena being picked up from his residence in Bogra in plain clothes by DB Police.

In a statement today, BNP Secretary General said, "The current Awami illegal government, which has failed in all aspects of state administration, has become disoriented and is inhumanely playing the game of arresting the leaders and activists of BNP and its affiliates and affiliates." Illegal government has made the whole country by arresting and imprisoning activists, filing false cases and murders, disappearances, etc. These arrests have become widespread at present. Such misdeeds have become the daily routine of the government. The incident of picking up Bogra District BNP General Secretary Ali Azgar Talukdar Hena from her home is part of that program.”

I strongly condemn and protest Ali Azgar Talukdar Hena's arrest as DB and call for his immediate and unconditional release."

Message sender

(Md Taiful Islam Tipu)

Assistant Office Secretary

Bangladesh Nationalist Party – BNP.