Press release

Statement of BNP Health Affairs Secretary Dr. Rafiqul Islam

In recent times, in private health care institutions in different parts of the country, including the capital, patient deaths due to medical complications and subsequent police harassment and arrests of doctors have led to instability in the overall medical system. We strongly condemn and protest both the death of patients and the subsequent police harassment of doctors due to the ongoing irregularities in private health institutions. The current government is indulging in a nefarious conspiracy to pit the public against the medical community for any medical complication without making any qualitative improvement in the health care infrastructure. Recently, a specialist plastic surgeon was physically assaulted by a policeman during an operation at a clinic in Khulna. Last year in Khulna, a retired government doctor was attacked and killed by terrorists on the pretext of medical complications, while the law and order forces remained silent. Just as treatment is a basic human right, doctors are also entitled to legal protection considering the risky nature of their profession. 76-95 of Bangladesh Penal Code 1860 provides legal protection in case of complications in the professional performance of doctors. But regardless of this, when the patient dies during treatment, murder cases are being filed against the concerned doctors, which has brought the country's medical services to a standstill. If a patient dies or suffers harm due to negligence of doctors, action must be taken against him but that should be after investigation by proper experts. In September 2013, a bench of the Hon়়orable High Court gave a clear opinion in this regard. But in order to cover up the ongoing anarchy of the country's health management without any expert investigation, I think that the accused of killing doctors and sending them to jail without investigation is a far-reaching plot to turn the country's health services abroad. In this regard, the silence and inaction of the government's Lezur-based medical organizations is also reprehensible. It should be remembered that doctors of the country risked their lives to serve people during the Corona period. This government has completely failed to ensure legal protection and rights of both doctors and patients. We strongly demand full legal rights and protection for both patients and doctors.

Message sender

Md. Taiful Islam Tipu

Assistant Deputy Secretary

Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP.