On June 9, 2023, a show cause letter was issued to the following persons for not participating in the farce election of Talora Municipality under Bogra District to be held on June 21, 2023.

The persons mentioned below have not responded to the show cause notice. Therefore, by ignoring the party decision, Talora Municipal BNP President Md. Abdul Jalil Khandkar, former president of Bogra Municipality Ward No. 5 BNP Md. Abu Hossain Sarkar Abul, Vice President of Talora Municipality Ward No. 9 BNP participated in the election of Talora Municipality under Bogra District. Harun Tarafdar, Deputy General Secretary of Talora Municipal BNP Md. Syed Raja, Vice President Md. Abdul Mannan, General Secretary of Talora Municipality 2nd Ward BNP Md. Ibrahim Ali Mukul, Deputy Treasurer of Talora Municipal BNP Md. Tanveer Ahmed Ferdous, Talora Municipal Labor Party President Md. Abdul Jalil Pramanik, Talora Municipal BNP Joint General Secretary Md. Israfil Islam, Volunteer Affairs Secretary Md. Hashem Ali Pramanik, Talora Municipal BNP Member Md. Maruf Hasan and Talora Municipal BNP Co-Women Affairs Secretary Sonia Rajbhar has been expelled for life from all positions including primary membership of Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP.