Pointing out the alleged attack on Barishal city polls Islami Andolan Bangladesh-nominated candidate Mufti Syed Faizul Karim, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that this incident has once proved that fair election is not possible under the current government.Mirza Fakhrul also condemned and protested the attack on Mufti Faizul.

"The terrorist attack on a religious leader and a mayoral candidate under the nose of the administration in broad daylight is cowardly conduct and despicable. I strongly condemn and protest this incident," he said in a statement on Monday.

Fakhrul alleged that this incident has again proved that the Awami League cannot tolerate any opposition candidate other than themselves, and they must win elections even through carrying out such an attack.

The BNP secretary general also questioned the efficiency of the Election Commission (EC) and the polling atmosphere, saying the commission had even failed to conduct such an election which was not attended by any opposition.

Expressing concern about the safety of the voters, Fakhrul said that the opposition parties have remained absent from elections because of such an election atmosphere.

"I want to say clearly that a fair election is not possible by any means under the Awami League," he reiterated.

The senior BNP leader also demanded those from the Awami League who carried out the attack on the Islami Andolan mayoral candidate Faizul Karim should be arrested and punished.