The holy month of Ramadan is coming. This holy month is respected as a month of mercy, blessing and salvation for the entire Muslim Ummah. So the Muslim Ummah strives to devote itself to the pleasure of Allah, the Most Merciful.

Muslims all over the world, including Bangladesh, engage in soul purification training to gain closeness to Allah through fasting during the month of Ramadan. In the month of Ramadan, sins are absolved, virtues or blessings are increased. Faithful Muslims attain the pleasure of Allah through self-sacrifice by freeing themselves from all kinds of food and drink throughout the day. Among the many blessings of Almighty Allah, one of the most important blessings is the Qur'an. The Holy Quran was revealed in this month of Ramadan. In it, the virtues of the Holy Qur'an have been added to the virtues of Ramadan itself.

It is the duty of every devout Muslim to try to maintain peace and order in the society by avoiding lawlessness, violence, hatred, violence. Everyone should strive to protect human rights, equality, harmony and brotherhood.

May the month of Ramadan bring the message of peace and happiness in the life of every Muslim, may everyone's life be good, I pray to the Almighty Allah Rabbul Alamin.

Allah Hafez