Bangladesh Nationalist Party - BNP was founded on September 1, 1978 on the basis of Bangladeshi Nationalism, an ideology that recognizes the right of Bangladeshis from all walks of life, irrespective of their ethnicity, gender or race.

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    Ziaur Rahman Forms BNP

    Freedom fighters led by Ziaur Rahman forms BNP

    September 1, 1978
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    BNP Wins 207 of the 300 Seats

    BNP wins 207 of the 300 seats in 2nd general election

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    After Zia's Assassination

    Abdus Sattar became head after President Zia's assassination

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    New Chairperson of BNP

    Begum Khaleda Zia got elected as the Chairperson of BNP

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    Movement for Democracy

    Begum Khaleda Zia declared all-out movement for democracy

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    Begum Khaleda Zia Led Movement

    Begum Khaleda Zia led movement to oust autocrat Ershad from power

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    First Female Prime Minister of Bangladesh

    Begum Khaleda Zia became the first elected female Prime Minister of Bangladesh

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    Begum Khaleda Zia Won Second Term

    Begum Khaleda Zia won second term, but decided to run for re-election under caretaker govt.

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    BNP Won 116 Seats

    BNP won 116 seats, highest by any opposition party in Bangladesh, in fresh election

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    Elected as Prime Minister Third Time

    Begum Khaleda Zia got elected as the Prime Minister for the third time

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    Begum Khaleda Zia Became Opposition Leader

    BNP lost an engineered election, Begum Khaleda Zia became the Leader of Opposition

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    New Senior Vice-Chairman of BNP

    Tarique Rahman was unanimously elected as the Senior Vice-Chairman of BNP

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    BNP Boycotted National Election

    BNP boycotted national election along with other democratic parties due to autocratic election administration

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    Acting Chairman of BNP

    Tarique Rahman assumed Acting Chairman's role in the absence of Chairperson Begum Zia

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    BNP Declares One-Point Demand

    BNP declares one-point demand highlighting resignation of the fascist, authoritarian and illegal Awami League government