The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party said on Monday that the government turned the entire country into a poisonous gas chamber in the name of so-called development.

‘The government wants to push the people of the country towards death as at least 17 people, including students, die due to the ongoing heatwave,’ BNP senior joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said after distributing drinking water and saline to common people in the Khilgaon area in the capital.

He said that the BNP had come and stood by the people at this time as it provided drinking water to the common people under intense pressure while the government claimed that they had done huge development in the country.

Rizvi questioned what the rulers had done for the people in this crisis.

He also said that the incident of October 28 in the Paltan area during the BNP grand rally demanding Sheikh Hasina’s resignation was perpetrated by the ruling Awami League with the help of police.

‘The police are working in exactly the same way as the Juba League and the Chhatra League. That is the way the Sheikh Hasina government has developed the police,’ he said, urging the police to stand for truth and against lies.

He alleged that the prime minister used former police chief Benazir Ahmed and former Dhaka Metropolitan Police commissioner Asaduzzaman Mia to remain in power.

This BNP leader warned that former police commissioner Asaduzzaman might face the same situation as Benazir as recently huge wealth of Benazir was unearthed by the media.