The main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party on Saturday announced fresh movement to oust the Awami League government installed through an election rejected by the people and thus restore people’s rights to vote.

While announcing the programme at a rally before bringing out a black-flag procession, BNP leaders strongly criticised the government for its failure to control the continued price hike of essential commodities and thus depriving many people of their right to food.

The BNP announced a fresh black-flag procession across the country for January 30 when the 12th parliament would hold its first session, protesting against the January 7 controversial general election and excessive price hikes.

Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, a member of the BNP standing committee, announced the fresh programme in the capital on Saturday, while beginning the party’s black-flag procession, demanding cancellation of the January 7 elections and resignation of the government.

‘On January 30, there will be a black-flag march in all cities, districts, upazilas and municipal councils and other units, to demand cancellation of the illegal dummy parliament and election of the national parliament under a non-partisan neutral government,’ he said.

Gayeshwar said that this government is not the people’s government. ‘This government is the government of China, India and Russia. The prime minister has collected the certificates from foreigners. If the people of the country don’t give the certificate, you have no chance to prove the legitimacy of the government with the foreign certificates,’ he added.

Condemning the government for ‘snatching’ people’s right to vote and right to food, Gayeshwar said that the BNP has come to the street to restore those rights. 

Earlier, thousands of leaders and activists gathered in front of the BNP central office at Naya Paltan to take part in the pre-announced programme of black-flag procession.

Leaders and activists from Dhaka and adjacent districts gathered to participate in the black-flag procession in major cities on the day.

Addressing the rally, BNP standing committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan said that opposition people have come to the street to ring the farewell bell of the government without public representation.

‘This government will be ousted by the black flag. There has been a moral defeat of the government on January 7,’ he said.

BNP vice-chairman Md Shahjahan said that January 7 polls have proved that people do not want this government as this parliament is without public representation.

‘If the leaders and activists of the party perform their duties properly, the government will be forced to dissolve this parliament and hold new elections in a few days,’ he added.

Another vice chairman of the party, AZM Zahid Hossain, said that 90 per cent people rejected the January 7 election.

BNP leaders and activists started the procession with black flags from in front of the party headquarters and ended there after marching through different places.