BNP Standing Committee member Abdul Moyeen Khan today demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and cancellation of yesterday's "dummy election".

"Sheikh Hasina's resignation is the only option. Sheikh Hasina must resign and the dummy election of January 7 must be called off right away," said Moyeen at a press conference in the BNP chairperson's office in Gulshan.

Selima Rahman and Nazrul Islam Khan, other standing committee members, were also present at the programme. "A government of the dummy, by the dummy, for the dummy will be established if Sheikh Hasina attempts to form any kind of government through the dummy election," Moyeen said.

He said people want an accountable government elected by their votes, not a "dummy government." He said BNP and other pro-democracy parties will continue their movement until an "accountable government" is elected through polls.

"Until an accountable government is established by the people's vote, the countrymen will continue their movement and struggle," he added. Moyeen accused the Election Commission of peddling contradictory turnout figures of 27 percent and 40 percent.

"Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal once said the turnout was 27 percent. Then immediately another commissioner, sitting next to him, revised it as 40 percent," he added.

The 27 percent figure was provided at 3:00pm, an hour before polls closed. The BNP leader congratulated people for "rejecting" the January 7 polls, which he called a "one-sided election" held through abuse of "state power and a dummy Election Commission, candidates and observers."

Moyeen said 19 centres in Khagrachhari recorded "zero turnout", which proves the election was a "mockery"."It's not just 19 centres, in many other centres across the country not a single vote was cast or only 10-12 votes were cast," he said.

He claimed that Awami League even failed to ensure voters' presence despite "fielding dummy candidates".Moyeen said, "We're continuing to stay on the streets, conduct mass contacts with the public, and hand out leaflets. We'll announce the next course of action."