Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman has warned that the ruling Awami League may use the secret forces of Awami League to create a special situation in the country and choose the path of assassination or assassination of its own candidates.

He said, Awami League itself has indulged in an attempt to organize the 'dummy election' of January 7 by pitting one of its candidates against the other, just like organizing a monkey game to fool the pro-democracy forces of the country and abroad. However, the fascist Awami League and their allies, the evil forces, have started to sway on one side, as the democratic people have already rejected this organized divisional election. On the other hand, in the 'dummy election', terrorism-conflicts-riots-murders have started among the supporters over who is 'real' and who is 'dummy'. Awami evil forces are now trapped in their own trap while playing the game of organizing fake elections like playing monkey games with national elections. As no one wants to miss the opportunity to become an MP in this vote-robbery election, one person was killed in a bloody clash between two groups of Awami vote-robbers at the rally of the vote-robber Hasina in Barisal and many were injured.


Tarique Rahman said, by diverting people's attention from such an anarchic situation, the Awami mafia clique has turned the most popular democratic political party of Bangladesh, BNP, into the target of their lies, propaganda and revenge. Fascist Hasina has launched a totalitarian conspiracy against BNP. Fascist Hasina said that BNP has no right to do politics in the country. And Obaidul Quader's fear of assassination. Hasina-Obaidul's statements like this seem crazy, but it is important for democracy-loving people to be careful. Because before the general meeting of the opposition parties including BNP in Dhaka on October 28, Obaidul Quader threatened and said that the consequences of BNP's general meeting in Dhaka will be worse than Shapla Chatwar. Obaidul Quader carried out his undemocratic and illegal threats. Fascist Hasina used a mafia group dressed in law enforcement uniforms to lob grenades at a peaceful BNP rally. Awami evil did not stop here. Awami terrorists attacked the Chief Justice's house to frame BNP. He was brutally beaten to death by the police. By creating a purposeful situation in this way, on the contrary, thousands of BNP leaders and workers have been harassed and arrested by filing cases against them.

Therefore, I call upon the democracy-loving people of the country to be careful about the statements of murderers Hasina and Obaidul Quader. Because, pro-democracy parties including BNP fear that Awami League and their allies may end up getting out of the mafia's control over the fake election of who is 'Awami' and who is 'dummy', which is 'marka' and which is 'fake'. As a result, to deal with the situation, Awami League, isolated from the people of the country and democratic forces abroad, deliberately created an anarchic situation in the country and engaged in a conspiracy to divert the attention of the people. Obaidul Quader's advance words have increased the fear that Awami League's secret forces may kill or assassinate their own candidates. So, a call to democracy loving people, be careful. be alert If possible, record evidence of Awami misdeeds.


Acting Chairman of BNP said, today I want to highlight one more thing clearly in front of the people that is, who has the right to do politics in the country, who will do politics or not, it does not depend on the will or unwillingness of any fascist, vote robber, terrorist, tyrannical corrupt ruler. It will depend on the willingness of the people. The people will decide who will do politics in Bangladesh and what politics will continue. Recall the history that after banning themselves in 1975, they got a chance to do politics in the name of the country with the help of Ziaur Rahman, the herald of independence. Remember, BNP has survived with the support of billions of people across the country, not because of RAB-police guns. BNP does not depend on anyone's mercy to do politics. BNP is the party of Bangladesh. BNP is the party of the promulgator of the independence of Bangladesh, blessed with the love of the people. BNP is the party of Mother of Democracy Begum Khaleda Zia. BNP is the country's democratic people's party. BNP for the people BNP for the people. And today I say again that the source of all political power of BNP is the people of Bangladesh. BNP's roots are inside the country. BNP's roots are in the hearts of democratic people.