Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman has expressed hope that the countrymen will get another good news in December, the month of victory.

In a video speech, he said, "Dear countrymen, in the name of national elections, a joke is being played with the people in the country in order to retain power without voting." To the people 'voting in elections' was a kind of political festival. Fascist Hasina has turned that political festival into a 'vote robbery festival'. A Chhatra League leader of district city Lakshipur sealed 43 ballots in 57 seconds with a mark alone - the identified vote robber Sheikh Hasina has managed to spread the culture of vote robbery up to the district upazila & Villages. Fascist Hasina has now put one person behind her own party to consolidate the electoral field by destroying the electoral system. A free, fair and participatory election is what the world's democratic powers and democracy-loving people of the country want. However, instead of participatory elections, fascist Hasina has followed the path of bipartisan elections like in 2014 and 2018.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that without the participation of BNP, the most popular political party of the country and pro-democracy political parties, national elections will not be considered acceptable and participatory anywhere in the country or abroad. To keep the BNP away from the national elections, the mafia gang, wearing police uniforms, has been strategically placed behind the BNP leaders and workers. The fascist government has filed more than 150,000 cases against BNP leaders and activists across the country in the last one century. More than 8 million people have been accused in these bogus cases which are purely politically motivated. This kind of lawlessness is unprecedented in the history of the world.

The Acting Chairman of BNP said that since the announcement of the schedule on November 15, around 5 thousand innocent leaders and workers of BNP have been arrested. Before this, BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, National Standing Committee member Mirza Abbas, Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury and about 20,000 leaders and activists at various levels starting from the central leaders of BNP to the Trinamool have been arrested. The crackdown by the mafia continues against the pro-democracy political parties including BNP on the pretext of false or missing cases. More than two crore BNP leaders and workers across the country have been forced out of their homes day after day due to the persecution of the Awami invasion forces, formed in the image of the Pak invasion forces and their accomplices, the Rajakar forces, in the 1971 liberation war.

Tarique Rahman said that the situation of the judiciary is more terrible than that of the Election Commission. Some judges are also using the court to frame the opposition parties in the same way as the police are framing the BNP leaders and activists with false or missing cases. Under the regime of fascist Hasina, not only absentee cases, but also absentee trials are going on. BNP leaders and activists who died a few years ago are also being sentenced to prison terms. This means that there is no investigation into the disappearance case and on the other hand there is no hearing of the case in the court.

Acting Chairman of BNP said that the people want to know, how is it possible for BNP to participate in the elections where there are mass arrests and mass judgments against BNP leaders and workers, where BNP leaders and workers cannot stay in their homes day after day? People want to know, if the Bhuiford political party, a friend of the mafia circle, got registration from the Election Commission, then why did not these parties get the registration of Ganosamhati Andolan, Gono Odhikar Parishad? This is because it is never possible for this spineless Election Commission to take decisions independently. As a result, it is impossible for this Election Commission to conduct the national elections.

Tarique Rahman said, because of the corruption and misrule of the fascist Hasina, public life has already suffered. The days of farmers, labourers, daily wage earners and low income people are spent in starvation. Even middle class families are struggling to manage their families due to economic strain. In such a situation, why is nearly 2000 crores of state money being looted for this farce election of one-sided sharing? Not only the bank insurance, but the entire country is now on the verge of bankruptcy due to the illegitimate lack of power of a single person. More than 11 lakh crore rupees have been smuggled out of the country. Bangladesh has been isolated from the democratic world. Vote robber Hasina, her family members and Awami corrupt officials have made the country a paradise for their plunder. Awami looters have not only bankrupted the country economically, but also endangered the freedom of the country and the people. This looter cycle has plunged not only the current generation but also the future generation of the country into debt. It has also made the way for bright prospects of future generations difficult.

Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that fascist Hasina has looted people's votes every time in the name of elections in 2014 or 2018. Over the years, opposition parties and people of opinion have disappeared-murdered-kidnapped-assassinated to cling to power without a vote. Even the opposition has shot and killed political activists in the rally of the opposition party. In protest, BNP and opposition political parties have consistently held various programs including human chain, meeting-meeting-protest. In the last ten years there has not been a strike-blockade even once. Yet the power-hungry fascist Hasina has failed to understand the aspirations of the democratic people. Ignoring all the peaceful protests and public demands, once again the fascist Hasina has spread the net of implementing the blueprint to prolong her fascist rule. Whatever the conspiracy, the democratic people are not willing to accept the fascist Hasina for a moment.

Tarique Rahman said, on the call of pro-democracy political parties including BNP, spontaneous strike-blockade is being celebrated across the country for the one-sided demand of fascist Hasina's resignation. A section of the mafia gang wearing police uniforms and pro-government terrorists resorted to various acts of vandalism, including setting fire to vehicles, to thwart the people's movement. But the people's movement could not be suppressed. can't be suppressed Because, millions of people seeking freedom from the exploitation of Hasina's fascist rule have joined the ongoing mass movement. The movement will continue until the demands of national elections are met under a non-partisan neutral government, keeping Sheikh Hasina out of state power. Congratulations to those who are suffering, making sacrifices and making the movement successful.

Expressing optimism, BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman said, identify the candidates of these  political parties and Bhagbatwara who are protesting at the current headquarters of the fascists in Ganobhaban to participate in the national elections under Hasina, the identified vote robber. They are friends of fascism, enemies of the country and democracy. Pro-democracy political parties, including the BNP, boycotted the polls based on the '57 seconds and 43 votes' model. The pro-democracy political parties, including BNP, will take part in the national elections held under the non-partisan government during the election period, keeping the fascist Hasina out of state power by claiming the spoiled voting rights of the country's 20 million people. If we are firm in our decision, united, we may get the good news of another victory in this month of victory. Inshallah