Rejecting the election schedule announced by the Election Commission, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi warned that the country was now headed towards "certain conflict."

"That an election can be held under this government is a complete lie. We reject this biased Election Commission," he said in a reaction to the schedule at a virtual press conference today.

"I want to tell the Election Commission that the country has been pushed towards conflict. The country is headed for a certain conflict. Except for AL, for whom has this election schedule been announced?"

He said the EC was subservient to the AL, terming them "AL officials".

"They have been working for the election of Awami League," he said.

He said the people were ready to give an intelligent reply.

The BNP has been conducting a movement to ensure that the next election is held under a caretaker government.


The Parliament in 2011 abolished the caretaker government system allowing general elections under elected partisan governments.

The BNP condemned the move and said it was akin to "throwing the country into a political confrontation".