One of the weapons to defeat the current government is to bring back the right to vote, BNP Acting Chairman Tarique Rahman said, one of the weapons to defeat fascism is the establishment of the right to vote. He made this comment calling for a two-day blockade.


Tarique Rahman said that the nationwide blockade that started from October 5 will continue for two consecutive days. This program is not the last program of the movement. To free the country from fascism, one of the demands of the people is the resignation of Sheikh Hasina. A stricter and stricter program will continue until the claim is met.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said that in the country, writers, journalists, intellectuals, students and teachers, employees, professionals, farmers, workers or leaders and workers of political parties and even garment workers, starting from Chief Justice or Nobel laureate, because of fascist Hasina's passion and revenge. No one is free. The liberties and rights of every citizen of the state are held hostage to the whims of a single individual. Fascism must be defeated if we want to live with human dignity as a free citizen of a free country. One of the weapons to defeat fascism is the establishment of your-me-us-all suffrage.


Acting chairman of BNP said, those who are currently occupying the state power, are they elected by your vote? Have you been able or able to elect the candidate of your choice by voting? Were you able to vote for your favorite candidate in the 2014 or 2018 elections? Did your child who became a new voter or a relative or neighbor also get a chance to vote? Didn't get one could vote.


Tarique Rahman said that during the regime of Hasina, a known vote robber, not a single family member of the country got the opportunity to go to the polling station during the day and vote for their favorite candidate without fear. Today therefore every member of every family of the country is united to get back their spoiled right to vote.


Tarique Rahman said, you are the leader in your family in the movement to take away the spoiled voting rights of you and your family members. Thus every family has a leader in the ongoing movement to establish the right to vote. So, how many people will be arrested by the mafia government? Will the movement stop if the mafia government arrests BNP leaders one after the other to suppress the ongoing movement to take away the people's spoiled voting rights? won't go Because, every member of every democratic family of the country has already caught the flame of this movement.


Acting Chairman of BNP said that directly or indirectly every democracy-loving person has joined this ongoing movement. The people of the country have already proved that the movement cannot be suppressed by dressing up as terrorists in police uniforms by spontaneously completing the three-day all-out blockade program. I congratulate the people for their courageous role in the movement for rights. The ongoing movement, the movement to establish the rights of 18 crore people and the voting rights of twelve crore voters. This movement will continue until the demand of the people is met.


Tarique Rahman said, let's make the two-day blockade program that started again across the country successful from Sunday and once again inform that we are all soldiers of the country and freedom movement in this ongoing movement. We did not lose the struggle for independence in 1971. We will not lose in the ongoing movement to protect the freedom of the country and the people....Inshallah.


The Acting Chairman of BNP said, I can understand that most of the people, including the low-income people of the country, the working people, the working people, are spending their days and nights in utter misery. Because of the Awami party market syndicate, the prices of all the daily necessities in the market are increasing uncontrollably. Nishirat's vote-robber government advised people to eat potatoes instead of rice. And now the price of potato is beyond the affordability of the common people. There is no opportunity to highlight the plight of the people anywhere. Because the mafia has spread its black paw in every institution.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique  Rahman said, to get rid of this difficult situation, now is the best time to join the anti-fascist movement and establish our rights. So, join the Total Blockade Program to claim your rights. If you can't participate in the tumultuous procession on the streets, stay at home or at home if necessary. Vehicles without passengers are not on the road unless you are a passenger. This is your protest.


Tarique Rahman said, whoever has the courage, the opportunity, take part in the movement to establish their own vocal. Whoever has a pen in hand, if possible, let others know the language of your protest against the mafia government. I believe that if all of us participate in the movement with all our abilities from our position, the fall of fascist Hasina is only a matter of time.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, this time I want to say a few words especially for you, i.e. for the leaders and workers of BNP at all levels, starting from the center to the grassroots, you have played a role for the party and the country with your leadership, talent experience and are continuing to play a role. . Spent important time of life in the interests of the team. It is because of your collective sacrifices and efforts that BNP has become the most popular party in the country today.


The Acting Chairman of BNP said, as a big party, it may not have been possible to evaluate someone in a suitable 'position' due to various reasons, but this is not your failure but it can be said that it is a party limitation. So, if there is anger or shame in anyone's mind about this, it is time to forget it and be united. Because, in the ongoing movement to establish democracy-human rights and voting rights in the country, the leadership of BNP is most needed by the democracy-loving people. You need more leadership. Today, therefore, my humble request to all, let us all shoulder to shoulder and play a role from each position. Thank you again.