Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, there is no opportunity to back down to protect the interests of the people.


Tarique Rahman made this comment after congratulating everyone at the end of the first day of BNP's three-day siege.


The Acting Chairman of BNP said that total blockade has started on the roads, railways and waterways across the country from October 31 to November 2. On Tuesday, the first day of the three-day blockade, the ruling Awami League and the police carried out armed attacks on pro-democracy people in various parts of the country, including Kishoreganj, Sylhet, Narayanganj and Dhaka. First of all, I offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to the bereaved families of the victims. I congratulate those who are successfully carrying out the blockade program against the terrorist violence of the Awami League party and some of the Awami police.


Tarique Rahman said, I would like to mention one thing clearly, those who have been injured, suffered or are being injured in this ongoing movement to establish democracy-human rights-voting rights in the  country, the democratic government and party elected by the people in the coming days must respect the contribution of those families. will be evaluated.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman said, we have come to know that in many places, Awami League and some Awami Police are forcing launch and transport owners to move vehicles during the blockade. Countrymen are aware of the undemocratic terrorist and anti-people character of Awami League. However, I would like to once again appeal to some of the partisan, corrupt, privileged officers of the police wearing police uniforms who are taking a position against the people and saying that all the evidence of your misdeeds have started to leak to thwart the opposition party's rally on October 28. There is still time, be careful. Even if the mafia government uses you for their own partisan interests, you must face the law for every misdeed during the future democratic government.


Calling on the transport owners, Tarique Rahman said that during the blockade, stop all types of vehicles except emergency vehicles including launches or cars. This program is not against you, this blockade program is to ensure your freedom and your right to vote in the future.


Acting Chairman of BNP said that earlier when BNP had called a rally in different cities of the country including Dhaka, you had stopped the movement of vehicles and lunches one/two days before the rally. We believe, you were not against the democratic rally at that time but the vote-robbering government  forced you to stop the vehicles to thwart the opposition rally. Therefore, in the future, no one will get the opportunity to take away your freedom of decision like this, with the aim of building such a state and society, this ongoing blockade program of all opposition political parties including BNP. So, I think it is your responsibility to make this blockade successful.


In his speech, Tarique Rahman addressed the dear countrymen and said  that the mafia government has started spreading lies to thwart the ongoing movement. As in the past, they themselves have indulged in vile tactics to entrap the democratic masses by resorting to violence and sabotage. Awami League and some identified Awami Police officials indulged in the implementation of nefarious purposes to thwart BNP's general meeting in Dhaka on October 28. Awami League cannot be saved by arresting, harassing or lying by using the state apparatus. The people of the country and even in front of the democratic forces of the world, the undemocratic and inhuman face of the current bank robber government has been exposed.


Tarique Rahman said, "Today, if we all come down to the streets in unity... then the identified evil forces of the police engaged in illegal activities will be forced to run away. The mafia government has illegally seized power by robbing the people's votes. This government without public mandate is illegal. So, instead of getting arrested from home or wasting time in the balcony of the court in cases of false disappearance, this movement is going on to bring down the current illegal government and form a legitimate government by public opinion. Even after the three-day nationwide blockade, if the mafia government does not accept the demands of the people, there will be a tougher movement ahead. This time the people of the country will return home only after the victory is confirmed, inshallah.


Acting Chairman of BNP Tarique Rahman called on everyone and said, I want to call on the leaders and activists of my party at all levels across the country and the leaders and activists of all opposition political parties - there is no opportunity to back down to protect the interests of the country and the people. There is no retreat. You go ahead with the flag of the movement. Lead the movement, lead the movement.