Law enforcers should fulfil their duties and allow the BNP's 28 October mass rally to be held peacefully or they won't be spared, BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said today.

"You [law enforcers] will not be spared if you are going to do something as part of a brutal inhumane masterplan," he said while speaking as chief guest at an event in the party's central office in Nayapaltan on Monday (22 October).

Noting that all the programmes by the BNP were peaceful, he said the party will hold a mass gathering on 28 October. 

"We held a rally a few days ago and another one before that. But why so many threats this time? What is the meaning of so many warnings? We don't know whether the Awami League is scared or if there could be some other reason."

Alleging that the law enforcers disrupted the party's peaceful programmes, he further said, "You opened fire on 7 December last year. Did we shoot that day? Sheikh Hasina's police, the Awami League controlled police officers, opened fire. Don't step on that path again.

"The way you have put people's backs against the wall… if the level of oppression and cruelty does not stop, the people will then resist you in order to survive."