Jubodal leader's wrist cut is an example of Sheikh Hasina's free and fair vote: Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.

BNP Senior Joint Secretary General Advocate Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, expressing deep concern over the incident of cutting off the wrist of a Juba Dal leader in Jhinaidah, said that Awami League is carrying out bloody violence across the country. Armed terrorists have been fielded. Sheik Hasina's free and fair election example of shedding people's blood and cutting off the wrists of the Juba Dal leader! It is anyone's guess what a fair election would be under those who can shed blood. He said these things while visiting Liton Mandal, a member of Jhenaidah District Jubo Dal, who was seriously injured in the attack by Awami terrorists and whose wrist was amputated in a hospital in the capital on Saturday morning.

Rizvi also said that the proof that Awami League does not do politics of democracy and humanity is the bloody and armed attacks on BNP and opposition party leaders in different parts of the country. Yesterday, Awami terrorists attacked the convoy of BNP leaders and activists in Laksam, Comilla on their way to Noakhali, injuring half a hundred activists and vandalizing many vehicles. In fact, they love to shed human blood. But the people of the country have turned around now. They are building a united resistance. Awami League will not be able to come to power in a terrorist manner by holding elections this time. Their downfall is imminent.

At this time, BNP health affairs secretary Dr. Md. Rafiqul Islam, Joint Organizing Secretary of BNP Khulna Division Jayanto Kumar Kundu, Executive Committee Member Mahbubul Islam Mahbub, Jhenaidah District BNP President Advocate MA Majid, Vice President AKM Nazrul Islam, Joint Secretary Abdul Majid Biswas, Central Leader of Jubodal Advocate M Kamruzzaman (Zaman ), Dr. Jahangir Hossain, Dr. Sayem Al Mansoor Faizi, Sohail Khan, former Acting Central General Secretary of Chhatradal Asaduzzaman Asad, Health Affairs Secretary of Chhatradal Badshah, Jhenaidah District Jubodalal General Secretary Ashraful Islam Pintu, Organizing Secretary Mostak Ahmed, Joint Secretary Zahid Chowdhury, Co-Organizer Asif Iqbal, Dhaka University Chhatradal Joint General Secretary Raju Ahmed and others.

Incidentally, last Thursday evening Paglakanai Union Youth Dal of Jhenaidah Sadar Upazila General Secretary and member of district Jubodal Liton Mandal was returning home from the city. At that time, a group of terrorists led by Abu Said Biswas, chairman of Paglakanai Union Parishad and leader of Upazila Awami League, attacked Liton Mandal with the intention of killing him. During the attack, the terrorists cut off one of Liton's arms with a meat cleaver and left him hanging, thinking he was dead and fled. A case has been registered in Jhenaidah Sadar Police Station against 13 people in this incident.