BNP Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi claimed that the government is engaging in a process of punishing BNP leaders and activists as part of its larger plan to push the country towards a civil war with the aim to maintain its grip on power.

"The illegitimate government wants to push the country towards a terrible civil war, however, no despicable efforts can prevent the fall of this government," he said at a press conference held at the party's central office at Nayapaltan on Saturday (8 July).

The BNP spokesperson criticised the ruling Awami League, stating that it is a political party that lacks a foundation in humanitarian values.

"The party's intolerance for differing opinions and methods, coupled with a desire to remain in power indefinitely, leads them to resort to the culture of violence and authoritarianism. They have set this example time and time again every time they came to power.

"They have become habituated to paddling in closed reservoirs. They don't believe in going with the flow of a healthy society which floats on the strong current of freedom of expression," he said. 

He, at the time, accused the Awami government of orchestrating various activities to weaken the BNP and its affiliated organisations, while undermining democratic principles and values.

He said, "Information from various sources indicates that the government has instructed district and metropolitan judges to expedite the sentencing of false cases filed against BNP leaders and activists in 2013/2014."

"We have come to know that the trial is expected to be completed within the next two months, and district superintendents of police have been assigned the responsibility of conveying the government's decision to the judges," he added.

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi asserted that the government is infringing on the people's right to govern by distorting the principles of democracy through arbitrary actions, radical self-interest, and centralised authority.

"They have come up with a destructive agenda, while secret meetings and consultations continue behind the scenes to undermine the people," he further stated.

According to Rizvi, people who are being produced in court as witnesses to testify against BNP men are reportedly being intimidated by the police and many of them are ordinary individuals who have no knowledge of or connection to BNP leaders and workers. Even policemen were brought to testify against BNP activists under the threat of dismissal.

He said, "These people did not learn from the history of fascism. They have started to consider themselves invincible as they were getting off easily after committing bad deeds. But I would like to remind them of the Nuremberg Trials. People are watching everything. They are now ready to raise their voice against all injustice. Sheikh Hasina's oppressive rule will soon meet its end."