BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said “BNP will start a one-point movement instead of 10 points. That is, the demands for the resignation of the illegal government and the establishment of a caretaker government.”

Mirza Alamgir said these things in an informal exchange of views with reporters at the BNP chairman's office in Gulshan on Saturday (July 1) afternoon.

BNP Secretary General explained that looting is taking place in the country in the name of development. He said, “corruption is happening everywhere. And this is what they (the Awami League) call development.”

Mr. Alamgir said that Bangladesh has now become an import-dependent country. “The increase in the price of pepper is not new; earlier, the price of ginger increased by Tk 200 in one day,” he added.

Mirza Alamgir recalled that 17 people were victims of extrajudicial executions in the movement last year to protest against the increase in commodity prices; More than 600 people were victims of enforced disappearance during the tenure of this government.

The BNP Secretary General also explained that the government deceives people with false information. “That's why if the government says something, people don't believe it anymore,” he said.

He said: the foreign minister has said a lot of things. But there is no way; Elections must be held under a neutral government.

The BNP Secretary General said: there is still time for the government to step down and organize the elections under a neutral government. If the government keeps faith with the people, it can participate in the elections under an impartial government.

Mr. Alamgir said that BNP wants to continue the movement peacefully, describing a new dimension of the movement that is visible at the youth rally. “We are not driving the movement in unison; we are doing it simultaneously,” he added. Regarding the street movement of Jamaat-e-Islami, he said: “We welcome all political parties protesting against the government.”