BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy said the current government must step down and hand over power to a neutral government to hold the upcoming national election.

“There’s only one way open for this government to exit safely. That is to restore the ownership of the people and their voting rights and accept the 10 points,” he said.

Swahidhana Oikya Parishad arranged the discussion at the National Press Club,  on the occasion of the 42nd martyrdom anniversary of "proclaimer of great independence, founder of Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP, re-founder of multi-party democracy, architect of modern Bangladesh, visionary statesman, former president Ziaur Rahman Bir Uttam.

The BNP leader said the opposition party is unwilling to hold any talks with the government until their 10-point demand is met.

“Now it's time to say goodbye to you (govt). Why do we engage in talks now? Dialogue is what we are talking about every day, but you are not listening,” he observed.

Gayeshwar said PM Sheikh Hasina should accept BNP’s 10-point demand, including the installation of the caretaker government, for a free, fair and credible election demonstrating her prudence.

“Our demand must be accepted first. Then we can hold talks on the caretaker or polls-time government. We can overcome the current transition through mutual cooperation for a fair election... that's what we want."