BNP will not take part in any election without a non-party neutral government in power, the party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir has said.

After meeting with US Ambassador to Dhaka Peter Haas on Tuesday (June 6, 2023), he made the party position clear about the next parliamentary elections saying that BNP would not take part in any election under the Awami League government.

"We firmly believe that it is absolutely impossible to hold a free and fair election under the Awami League goevrnment," he said.

During the hour-long meeting with Ambassador Peter Haas at the latter's invitation, the BNP secretary general talked various issues including the new US visa policy, government repression and torture, and the overall political situation prevailing in the country.

Following the meeting held at the US Embassy at Baridhara in Dhaka, Mirza Fakhrul said the BNP's position over the next general election is very clear and the US ambassador was apprised of the matter again.

Regarding the new US visa policy, the BNP secretary general told Ambassador Haas that "it was very shameful for Bangladesh. It has happened due to the misdeeds and misrule of the government and statecraft. However, the country's people welcomed the US steps."

During the talks, Mirza Fakhrul also raised the statistics of 'false and fabricated' cases against the BNP leaders and workers accross the country.

"Attacking the peaceful road marches of Ganatantra Mancha, vandalising cars and arresting the leaders and workers were pointed out during the talks with US Ambassador Peter Haas," he also said.