BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Wednesday said it is now a fact that elections can never be free, fair and credible under the current Awami League government.

Addressing the biennial general meeting of a faction Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) at the National Press Club, he also said if the election is not participatory, it will not be accepted as per the country's constitution.

“A truth has now been established in Bangladesh that elections can never be fair, free, and acceptable and people here can never express their opinions and exercise their right to franchise freely if the Awami League government remains in power,” the BNP leader observed.

He alleged the government has already snatched the people's freedom of expression and voting rights to cement its power.

Fakhrul also said it is now recognized in the entire world that there is no place for independent journalism in Bangladesh.

As Bangladesh is now completely in the hands of an authoritarian ruler, he said freedom of the press, the main pillar of democracy, has been regulated here by the regime to meet their needs.

In the whole world, he said those who believe in a free press, democracy, and freedom to express dissenting opinions, are all saying in one sentence that there is no democracy, free press, or freedom of media in Bangladesh as the government does not have the mindset to tolerant different opinions.

“They (government) are hampering the people's freedom of expression of dissent, the right to vote and the right to live by applying excessive force with the aim of establishing a one-party rule and perpetuating their power,” the BNP leader said.