BNP leaders have said the people of the country no longer want to see the current regime in power as their backs are pushed against the wall by "misrule", plundering, and repression.

"People's backs are pushed against the wall. They no longer want the government for a moment. Now you have to prepare to leave power," said BNP Standing Committee member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain at a rally in the capital's Motijheel area on Saturday.

BNP announced the demonstration to press home their 10-point demand, including holding the next polls under a non-party neutral government and to protest against the arrest and harassment of party leaders and activists in 'false cases'.

He said now, the people of the whole country are united, they want to be free from the misrule of the government. There is no democracy in the country. The government is doing everything to stay in power by force.Khandaker also asked the party leaders and activists to make all-out preparations to make the movement a success.

Addressing the party men, the BNP leader said "We have to take to the streets, not only bring out processions and slogans. Be ready to take part in the greater movement and execute our tougher programmes in unison in the days to come to oust this autocratic government."Khandaker Mosharraf called upon the government officials, and law enforcers to play a neutral role as you are the public servants and you have to serve them.

"We would like to remind those in the administration and different law enforcement forces that are the servants of the republic…you're supposed to serve the people. But you're now firing on the country's people taking a stance against them," he said.

Addressing the government employees, the BNP leader said, "From now on, you will no longer listen to the words or orders of this illegitimate government. Be corrected now. Do not obey any illegal instructions. One day the BNP will also come to power. People's government will come, and you will not be battered. Work for the people."

While presiding over the rally, Dhaka south city BNP convener Abdus Slam asked the law enforcers not to play any biased role as people no longer want the current government in power. "Don't forget that you receive salaries with the money of people. The law enforcers who filed false cases against BNP men, you will be identified for your biased role."

BNP standing committee member Mirza Abbas said, "Will we sit down when the Awami League people attack us?" no, we will not sit idle. We must resist. If we cannot protect the country from the misrule of the government. Then there will be nothing to say about the country's sovereignty. They will destroy the country."

If there is any justice after 50 years, then the Awami League government will also be brought to book one day for the illegal and forceful stay in power. No more elections will not be allowed under the government, he added.

Although the rally and procession were supposed to start after noon, the activists started gathering in front of Pirjangi Majar in the morning. BNP has arranged rallies in Dhaka south city, 18 districts, and other metropolitan cities on Saturday.