There has been no incident of withdrawing security protocols for foreign diplomats in Bangladesh since the country's independence in 1971, BNP Standing Committee Member Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain has said.

"As the government failed in diplomacy to get any benefits from foreigners, it became irrational and took such decisions," he said while addressing a BNP rally in the capital's Badda area on Wednesday.

Dhaka South and North city units of the BNP arranged huge gatherings in the capital's Badda and Basabo areas on Wednesday to press home their 10-point charter of demands, including holding the next general election under a non-party caretaker government.

Thousands of leaders and activists from ward and thana units of the BNP and its associate bodies thronged the respective venues, carrying banners, festoons, and posters. After short rallies there, they marched toward Malibagh around 2pm and ended it around 5pm.

Addressing the people, Khandaker Mosharraf said, "Be careful not to step into any conspiracy or trap. The government will be ousted and be forced to hold elections under a non-partisan government."

"There is corruption in Bangladesh from the highest level to the lowest level. The middle-class people are becoming poorer as the government is increasing prices of daily necessities whimsically," he said.

Stating that people of the country boycott votes under the government, he said, "Only 14% of the votes were cast in the latest by-election. This means that no one wants to vote under this government."

Urging the party men to be prepared for an uprising to oust this government, this senior leader of the BNP said there is no alternative to stage a mass uprising to oust the "repressive" government.