On the occasion of the holy Shaba Barat, I wish the continued happiness, peace and prosperity of all the people of the Muslim world including Bangladesh.

The holy night of Lailatul Barat or Shabbat Barat is very significant and glorious for the Muslim world. On this great night Allah decides the fate of the best creatures of His creation. And that's why on this holy night pious servants pray to God all night for forgiveness for their mistakes. Servants pray with the aim of getting rid of all evil and impurity and hoping to get the grace of the great Rabbul Alameen. May everyone's life be filled with happiness and peace on this holy day, I pray.

Let us all work for the welfare of the human race by avoiding violence, bloodshed, envy, hatred, let this be our pledge on this great night. We are celebrating the Holy Sabbath at a time when our people are going through a difficult time. People have lost their rights today. Disoriented by extreme economic crisis. I myself will pray to Allah Rabbul Alamin on this holy night, may Allah save the people from this crisis and bring back good days, protect them from all oppression and torture.

I wish the country, the nation and the Muslim world prosperity and well-being on this holy day of Shaba Barat.