Mirza Fakhrul’s statement said, “Rajshahi district convener Md. Taking a statement of Abu Saeed Chand as an excuse, the current ruling group has increased the level of abominable impoliticism and oppression. But Awami League leaders are often threatening to kill BNP leaders. In order to arrest Abu Saeed Chand, now the authoritarian Awami government has started merciless behavior on his relatives as well.”

Chand’s daughter, Mocha living in Dhaka. Claiming that Zakia Sultana, her daughter Arisha, elder sister’s daughter Masuda Akhtar and younger daughter’s son-in-law Sheikh Salahuddin Ahmed have been ‘arrested’, Fakhrul said in a statement, “I don’t know the language to condemn the inhumanity that started harassment in the name of arrest and interrogation.” Abu Syed Chand’s relatives are concerned about the safety of the lives of the arrested women, including a four-year-old child, and we are also deeply concerned.”

In the statement, BNP Secretary General said, “Actually, the only goal of the current ruling group is to perpetuate the constitution of state power by keeping the people afraid of weapons through various misdeeds. No matter how many conspiracies and tricks the Awami illegitimate government does, it will not be spared from the wrath of the people.”

The BNP Secretary General demanded the immediate ‘release’ of others including Chand’s daughter.